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Our specialty at Full Motion Chiropractic is to move our patients from pain or discomfort to Wellness.  While many of new patients come in because they have been chronically suffering from pain, many come for acute injuries.  

The cause of most neck and back pains are due to spinal discs that have compressed, dehydrated or degenerated.  I'm proud to announce that our non-surgical Disc Rehab Program can often address this and in most cases reverse a significant amount of disc degeneration.  And for many reverse persistent chronic back and neck pain.

I first investigated Disc Rehab due to my own injury 25 years ago when I was thrown off my horse and stepped on.  My L5 disc was crushed and at that time only surgery was the option.  Fortunately, as I was already a chiropractor, researched and developed this new natural technique to reverse the damage.  Today after 25 years, my back is still at 100% with full function and no pain.  Our motto is: "We Care, We Listen, We Get Result


Corrective Disc Repair Program

Correction of Subluxation: Misalignments of the spine and joints causing impairment or malfunction of your nervous system.

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We will get you out of pain as quickly as possible and explain our treatment protocols to you, so that you are comfortable with each procedure and understand the logic behind each treatment.